It was basically a brochure design, but the need was to illustrate the growth of the firm from old to latest technologies.


Brochure & Branding, Print


Palash Entertainments



A makeup artist specializes in changing the appearance of their clients. These changes are created by a combination of cosmetics, specialized tools, and artistic talent. Such businesses are an essential part of filling a community with confidence, spirit, and pride by making them feel better about their appearance or achieve a particular look.

Our Client had experience of over 50 years in this field. So we came up with an idea to picturise every major fashion trend of last 200 years and show the evolution of fashion. It took us more than a month of research, to make all the illustrations in this brochure. 



Through the many phases of homo sapiens evolution, the concept of the image, the style, the attitude, the beauty, the character, the identity, and the very existence have taken different shades, shapes, and dimensions. From the time immemorial - the ‘stone age’ to the present ‘cyber age’, the mode of disseminating fashion has been perfected beyond one’s power of thinking.

An Upgrade for your Style

It is not just a salon or spa. It's a complete makeover to what actually you are! Find yourself with us.

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