Frullati Cafe

Frullati Cafe is a chain restaurant based in Chennai, we have done multiple prints and digital designs to increase their business. 


Print, Art Direction


Frullati Cafe



Be it a Restaurant, Cafe, or Pub, no eating joint cannot do well without having a mesmerizing menu card designs for the customers. A professionally created menu card design is not only a part of the overall friendly ambiance of joints but is also crucial for creating a well-recognized brand identity for your business. But the card must be of unique design and reflect the personality of your restaurant.

It must surprise customers with its way of presentation, display of dishes, prices, and overall look & feel. Whatever method you choose, remember that when it comes to designing the one piece of free advertising that all of your customers will see—your menu—there is always room for profit improvement. Continually test new menu designs. Here we do research as much we can, and tried to create a unique menu. Your remarks will improve less visual pollutions.

Frullati Cafe

Menu displays of different items.

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