Tea Packaging

Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world next to the water. Making a tea package wasn't as easy as it seems. There are 27 manufacturers and 50 exporters in India, as per the Tea Board of India. More than 30 major brands are in the market as well. Munnar Valley had a package designed previously but they wanted to up their game.


Package Design


Munnar Valley Tea



Our research leads us through the color palette of every other major brand's packages. We found Green, Yellow, and Red to be the most used style of all of them.

The Client's need was to show a fresh new, golden tea. There were replicas but we never needed them. It always should be Create it Witty.

Green Tea

This was just a sample idea to stimulate another variety of tea in this same style of package. Not selected from the clients' side.

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