Quadsen Times 

Quadsen Times is a lifestyle magazine publishing from Kerala, we associated with them for two issues at the beginning of publishing started.


Layout & Publishing


Quadsen Times



Reading a hardcopy is still relevant and convenient for most people. Magazine design plays an important role in creating a publication. Magazines can be lengthy documents and also, unlike books, run into repeat issues. An attention-grabbing cover is vital for selling your magazine to readers and

inviting them to delve deeper into the publication. This cover featuring Jack Ma done by Athul Ashok on last year's September Issue of Quadsen Times. This magazine published in 2018 as a lifestyle magazine that has every variety of articles in it. We have a great time in designing the layouts and making a publication happen at this time.

Magazine Layouts

We went through dozens of references out on the web to make layouts and magic happened during the craft of typesetting and aligning the subjects. We are really thankful to Mr. Ramdas Viswanth the Chief Editor of the magazine to make this.

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